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EB5 Green Card: The “safe” option for family immigration.

Many families have long dreamt of relocating to the United States but wanted the security of an EB5 green card permanent residency status for their family rather than the risks associated with many other types of visas.

The EB5 green card Immigrant Investor Program was created to provide a mutually beneficial agreement between America and those investors looking to move here to begin a new life. In exchange for an investment to help stimulate the U.S. economy through job creation, investors and their families with their EB5 green card are free to live, work and attend school in the U. S. while establishing permanent residency rights. 


The Safety of your Investment

While the rewards of beginning a new life in American are many, it’s important to remember that an “opportunity” is not a “guarantee.” This is an investment, and there are some risks involved, even when applying for an EB5 green card. So, before you make a considerable cash investment, you have every right to seek some assurance that your money is safe and in the hands of someone with your best interest in mind. For many investors, Florida Equity & Growth Fund provides that assurance.

Florida Equity & Growth Fund, owned and operated by Kirk D. Eicholtz, is a Regional Center that’s committed to helping you make sound financial decisions that provide you low risk investments that keep your money as safe and secure as possible as you are qualifying for the EB5 green card program. Over the past 18 years, he and his team have established a proven track record of success with investors throughout the world by doing business the right way – through personalized one-on-one relationships that are built on a foundation of trust and straightforward, honest answers.

Kirk Eicholtz also believes in a mutual fund approach to investing in his EB5 green card projects. By spreading your money across a variety of industries, you’re able to reduce risk. And by consistently delivering results and treating each client with the utmost respect, he has been able to lead a development team with over $1 billion in transactions, including office buildings, warehouses, condominiums and other properties.  


The Safety of your Family

As head of your household, your number one priority is to ensure the well-being of your family. Unfortunately in today’s uncertain socioeconomic climate, this is no easy task. Unrest is commonplace throughout the world, and threats can and do come from everywhere. Even relatively safe areas can seemingly become hostile overnight. 

Of course, just as there is no investment that is 100% safe, there are no 100% guarantees for family safely either. However, for those who put a premium on the safety of their spouses and children, coming to America under the EB5 green card Immigrant Investor Program has always been an attractive option. Under this agreement, immigrants can make a financial investment to aid U.S. economic prosperity in exchange for the opportunity to establish permanent residency, where you and your family will enjoy all the safety and freedoms America has to offer.


The Safety of Changing your Mind

Our EB5 Green Card regional center is very unique in that it allows you to get out of your investment at any time and there is no minimum period that you are required to stay in the EB5 Green Card investment by our company.

We realize that your circumstances can change unexpectedly and if for any reason you wish to cancel your plans to apply for immigration via and EB5 Green Card, even if you only had your EB5 Green Card investment with us for a week or so, you may still sell your shares under our regional center EB5 Green Card rules and regulations. Our regional center is significantly different from most regional centers that lock up your EB-5 Green Card investment capital for at least five and even six years, regardless of what you're needs are or what changes may have come about in your life that require you to withdraw from your EB5 Green Card application.


Safety First

If you’re ready to ensure your family’s safety…if you’re ready for a low-risk safe investment, let the professionals at Florida Equity & Growth Fund help you on the road to U.S. citizenship via an EB5 green card. As an official recognized Regional Center under the EB5 Green Card Immigrant Investor Pilot Program, we have the knowledge to help guide you through every step of the process, while safeguarding your initial financial investment.

We understand how much your family means to you. And we’re proud to help open America’s doors to those looking to begin a new life. We look forward to working with you in obtaining an EB5 green card for you and your family and offering you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family and your investments will be safe, now and for generations to come.


What's Next?

Please contact us today for a no obligation, no cost consultation to find out more about securing and applying for your EB-5 Visa.


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